Custom Rug Options

With our custom-made rugs, we combine your passion and creativity with our design expertise to create a rug that suits your individual needs and personality. We have several custom-made alternatives to consider depending upon your time frame, style preferences, project complexity, and price point.

Custom Hand-Knotted
Creating a custom rug is a rewarding experience. Unfettered by the limitations of stocked rugs, you can design your own pattern and choose your color palette, shape, size, and material. Dallas Rugs specializes in providing the highest quality of hand-knotted rugs. Each rug is hand-knotted to the customer’s specifications, including the choice of weave and the intricacy of the design. The available materials include wool, silk, viscose, and more. These rugs are made with the highest craftsmanship in traditional to modern designs. With this type of custom rug, it would first be designed using an artist’s full-color rendering. After approval of the design and color on paper, a corner sample would be made for ultimate approval before the rug is made. This process can take three to seven months from start to finish, or longer depending upon the size and complexity of the rug. Bring us your rendering, and we’ll help you transform it into a work of art.

Additionally, all of our existing hand-knotted rugs can be customized to your specifications for a surcharge if the shape and size you need is not available. You just select the design you want and specify the product’s shape and size and let us take care of the rest. The lead time for these custom products ranges from three to five months or longer. View our custom hand-knotted collection.

Custom Hand-Tufted
Hand-tufted rugs also offer total flexibility like hand-knotted rugs in design, pattern, shape, size, texture and number of colors, and we are able to order a custom design in a hand-tufted rug that will suit your project needs. Custom hand-tufted rugs are more affordable and the lead times can be shorter. View our custom hand-tufted collection.

Custom Broadloom
Broadloom custom rugs are the most popular form of custom rugs and can be made overseas or in the U.S.A. The product comes as a roll in a variety of designs, colors and materials. We can customize these carpets to the exact size and shape that you need. We also offer infinite finishing options for your custom broadloom rug. We can hand- or machine-serge the edges, or we can add a custom border. With hundreds of threads and fabrics to choose from, you are only limited by your imagination. Once you choose your broadloom piece and specify the shape, size, and finish, the product is ready for production. The lead time for a custom broadloom rug is much shorter than that of a custom hand-made rug at only two to four weeks, depending on the scope of the project. View our custom broadloom process and collection.

Custom Hides, Skins & Furs
Dallas Rugs is proud to offer a variety of non-exotic natural hides and skins that can be customized to suit any design project. Hides can be hand-seamed together to create a beautiful natural mosaic in custom sizes. Our skins come from breeding animals such as cow, alpaca, Australian and New Zealand sheep, Tibetan lamb, Mongolian lamb, and more. They can be dyed to any Pantone color and seamed to make any size. The lead time is approximately 8-16 weeks, depending upon the project. Please check with Dallas Rugs for details. Please check with Dallas Rugs for details. View our custom hide, skin & fur collection.