Rug Cleaning

It is important to take care of your area rug and keep it clean. We are happy to assist with any rug needs, including rug cleaning and repair services. We believe that a thorough washing is the best way to restore a rug’s beauty, therefore we do not offer simple surface washes. Our regular wash involves submerging the rug in a pond of water and washing it in its entirety with soap and water. Most stains come out, and the overall wash is usually successful. If the rug has heavy pet stains, we would recommend an enzyme wash, which specifically targets stains and odors from pets. The cleaning process typically takes approximately one week.
For more information on how to care for your area rug, visit our Rug Care page.
Rug cleaning
1. Please note that if your rug has pet urine stains, a regular soap-and-water cleaning will likely heighten the odor. Due to the moisture involved in the cleaning process, it will take time for the scent to dissipate. An enzyme wash helps to minimize such odors.
2. Although we exercise our best efforts to avoid the bleeding of colors when cleaning rug fibers, there is always a chance of an unexpected occurrence due to the unpredictable nature of handmade rugs and natural fibers.
3. If the rugs have been water damaged before undergoing a rug cleaning, there is a small chance that the rugs cannot be restored to their original condition.
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