Have you fallen in love with an oversized or oddly shaped rug that you would like to use in a design project, but it doesn’t quite fit into the desired space? Did you inherit a rug from someone, but it’s too large to use? Dallas Rugs can help you with any rug tailoring project, whether it’s a quick fix or a complete customization. Please call 972-239-7847 or e-mail us at info@DallasRugs.com and let us know what your project entails.
View a selection of our tailoring projects below.

Custom Freeform Shag

This client wanted a shag rug in the shape of a freeform hide. The designer specified the desired shape, and we tailored the piece to their exact specifications. The final product made the space a unique reflection of the client’s style and personality.

Custom-Shaped Indoor Rug with Wide Border

This client was seeking an octagonal rug with a wide border. Once the designer provided us with CSM (customer supplied materials) and specified the dimensions of the rug, we were able to create an original piece that perfectly complements the client’s home interior.
Borders can also be used to increase the scale of an area rug, as shown in this before and after of an 8′ x 10′ rug expanded into an 11′ x 14′ through the addition of a custom border:

Custom-Shaped Outdoor Rug with Binding

This client wanted to define a space on their patio with a rug that accommodates the outdoor fireplace. We created a tailored piece that fits the area perfectly.

Winding Staircase Runner

This client wanted a tailored staircase with houndstooth carpeting. Because atterned fabrics can be challenging to install on a staircase – especially when there is a change in direction on the landing –  we strongly recommend consulting with an experienced professional to achieve the desired results.

Finishing Options

At Dallas Rugs, we have many options for finishing the edges of your tailored rug. Below are a few examples of the available techniques. View more information about our finishing options here or contact us with questions about your project.