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The Ephesus Collection

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Situated on the western Turkish coast lies the port city of Selçuk, site of the ancient city of Ephesus. Established in the 10th century BCE, Ephesus boasts a diverse history colored by contributions from Classical Greece, the Roman Empire, mythology, and religion. Goth raids and earthquakes damaged the once-bustling center of commerce under Greco-Roman rule, and Ephesus…

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Welcome to Fine Art Underfoot

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From nomadic tents to princely palaces, the rug trade has dotted the global landscape for millenia. The first rugs were used for warmth, comfort, prayer, and meditation; they served a purpose. The Pazyryk Carpet confirms this ancient tradition. Dated to approximately 500 BCE and preserved in frozen soil in Siberia, it is the oldest surviving piled rug. It was unearthed …